Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Operation: Got Your 6" (with the penguins of Madagascar) Pt. 1

I drew these boards for the "Got Your 6" campaign while at DreamWorks. "Got Your 6" is a campaign that unites nonprofits, Hollywood and government entities in promoting the belief that our returning veterans are leaders, team builders, and problem solvers who have the unique potential to strengthen communities across the country. To convey this message, the penguins of Madagascar were enlisted to make the case in an entertaining way.

This project combines CG animation with 2D flash animation. The penguins were to be CG and the rest is 2D hand drawn animation and backgrounds.

These boards do not reflect the final cut by any means, but were a work in progress. A script was followed, while adding a few ideas of my own. After my involvement, more changes, revisions and rewrites were made before final approval.

Look for next installment soon.


  1. So glad you are posting again!!! Missed not seeing updates. By any chance you have any other social media accounts to track your material and art? I.e. Instagram, Facebook, Tmblr, Twitter, etc? Thank you in advance for any feedback and thank you for sharing. I look forward towards your gems of art & sketches.

    1. No. Just the blog. I know, blogging is so -- 10 years ago. :-)