Saturday, November 21, 2015

2 Figures in Opposition (Action and Reaction)

The sketch below was part of an in class exercise I gave to study cause and effect, or action and reaction, between two figures. A boxing photo was used for reference, but I took liberties to enhance the line of action, and augment the poses. Of course a little splatter effect doesn't hurt. 

Another study from the same class depicting rugby players. (You can see the students sketch beneath my draw-over.) I rotated the players head upward to make him look at the ball. This helped sell the idea that the ball was jarred lose by the impact.


  1. Replies
    1. Hard to say...production has me pretty busy these days.

  2. Too good, Sir please keep posting your scribbles. These are very motivating.

  3. Always happy when you post up something new. Always a learning experience

  4. Gorgeous sketches. Do you usually draw the line of action or just keep it in mind?

    1. Thanks. Keep it in mind mostly, although it is possible I might lightly indicate it if it helps.