Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Monkeys of Mumbai (canceled movie) Demon Back Waxing Pt.2

Back waxing gags were trending in movies at the time so this was in that vein. Problem is that, given the time it takes to complete an animated feature; by the time the movie is released the trend becomes a trope. That's why I prefer humor that is character based rather than pop culture references. The former being more timeless and durable.

That being said, the idea was to have each of Ravana's heads voiced by different comic actors, and give them distinct character traits (cynical, optimistic, etc) much like the seven dwarfs in Snow White. The difference being that they are part of his psyche and give voice to his insecurities which serve to undermine him.

I don't recall ever seeing an edit version of this, but looking again I probably gave them too many sketches. A lot of this should be rapid, overlapping banter with comedic pauses in spots.


Cont. in Pt.3...