Friday, June 25, 2010

Middle-aged Man Comic Cover (2009)

I drew this up for my friend Brad Key who turned 50 recently. Brad and I have been friends since the first grade so I wanted to do something nice for him.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Darkwing Duck Model Sheets (1991)

I'm launching my blog with model sheets from Disney's Darkwing Duck series of which I was lead character designer at the time. The shows creator, Tad Stones gave me an inspirational sketch of a duck dressed in an outfit reminiscent of  the pulp character The Shadow, and I ran with it. I am amazed at how many of my colleagues here at Dreamworks were fans of the show back then. It makes me feel old. Other character designers on the show were, Kenny Thompkins, Dana Landsberg and Ritsuko Notani. I also cut my teeth as a director on the third and final season of the series.What you see here are my original pencil drawings cut out, pasted onto poster-sized foam-core board, and photographed. If you look closely at the hi-res images you'll notice faint under-drawing and some erasures.