Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Huey, Dewey & Louie Model Sheets (Quack Pack) 1993

The idea behind the Quack Pack series was to age-up the nephews and give each one his own voice and personality. No beanies, no matching turtle-necks, no more finishing each others sentences. The next big ingredient was to foist them on their bachelor uncle, Donald Duck! Throw in a liberated Daisy and you've got Quack Pack.

To create the Quack Pack universe, Co-Producer Kevin Hopps and I turned to the Donald Duck shorts for inspiration. We noticed that Donald often appeared alongside humans in these cartoons, so we decided to populate our Duckburg with humans as an extension of the shorts universe rather than the Carl Barks world of Duck Tales fame.


Yes...this proved to be somewhat controversial with many of the fans who thought it sacrilege to make a  Donald/Nephews series that was not a direct continuation of the legendary Duck Tales series. Maybe we shot ourselves in the foot by not doing so, the Disney Afternoon was coming to the end of it's run and the series was not picked up for another season.

Huey is the smooth-talking, wheeler-dealer, who'd rather read the buisness section than the sports.

Dewey is the philosopher-thinker of the trio.

Louie is the athlete, what he lacks in brains he makes up for with pluck.


  1. Awesome! I don't care what the fanboys say - I thought it a solid idea.

    Besides, I miss the seeing ANY of the classic Disney characters on TV. These days they're just used for toddlers...

    Love the expressions - each one being unique to each one of the nephews. Great work!

  2. I love how similar yet distinct each of the trio looks. Amazingly done.

  3. Oh man, these are great! Keep on posting them. I can't get enough.

  4. Apart for the humans, I really enjoyed the series. Daisy's peronality are also very similar to the way brazilian artists retract her on our comic book series:

  5. By the way, the brazilian Ducktales dubbing had diferent voices for the nephews, so this detail was not that strange when Quack Pack comes along. I also liked very much to see Ludwig Von Drake on the first episode!

  6. Oh thank god finally they got personality instead of being the clones they were in the old shorts. I remember watching this as a kid and loving it.

  7. I loved Quack Pack so much. Thank you for sharing these!

  8. Yup. I guess you shot yourselves on the foot with the human inclusion.

    But I think I may be ready to watch this now, with a more open mind (I originally disliked the not being like Duck Tales concept).

  9. I still have all the old character sheets from the show - I animated on it in Australia in 1994. The character sheets were so well made that I kept them to study.

    1. Nice to hear from you. At Disney TV we always fought over who's shows would be sent to the Australia studio. The animators there were top notch.

  10. Thank you for posting this! I have a fan art commision of these characters and
    I keep getting there names mixed up. This is also great drawing reference.

  11. interesting to learn more about how this show came to be. I enjoyed watching it when I was a kid, and the animation on this show was amazing. I remember I always wondered though--was the Quack Pack character "Gustav Goose" the same character as "Gus Goose" from the Donald Duck cartoon "Donald's Cousin Gus", or was it just a coincidence? Gus goose was(and still is) a pretty famous character in comic books here in Europe.