Monday, January 31, 2011

Metro Man Day Pt. 1/3 (MegaMind) 2009

Several sequences were boarded during pre-production that depicted a day in the life of Metro Man. Each one featuring Metro Man hard at work protecting the citizens of Metro City who in return show little gratitude for it. These sequences were ultimately cut from the movie for good reasons, which I won't elaborate on here.

In part 1 of this 3 part post, Metro Man is in hot pursuit of a get-away van...


  1. Muy buena secuencia. Estás dentro de la pelea!!! Puede sentirse claramente la acción.
    Saludos desde la lejana Argentina!!!

  2. Amazing !! I especially loved the first couple of shots, so cinematic, so dramatic, so intense !

  3. Muito bom parabens!!! Vc desenha muito bem e seus traços parecem se mover!!!

  4. Absolutely amazing. I loved this movie!

  5. I don't know what you look like in real life, but judging from your blog caricature, I'd say that YOU are the getaway driver! Can't pull one over on me...

  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loooove how you make storyboards!!!

  7. You're driving the car!

    Too bad this didn't make it in. Hmmm...I want to hear these "good reasons". I'm sure they are, but what a nice seq. Typical!

  8. I was wondering Toby, how large are the panels when you're drawing?

    do you draw smaller frames for quantity or do you use the full screen of your wacom?

    thanks for the posts, they're always fantastic.

  9. Contact & Details asked...
    How large are the panels when you're drawing?
    Do you draw smaller frames for quantity or do you use the full screen of your wacom?

    I don't use full screen when boarding. The panel, as represented on my screen, is about 9" across and 7" high (with dialogue strip). I make it a point not to zoom in while boarding so that I don't get caught up in unnecessary detail. Keeping my brush size as fat as possible helps with this also. Here at DWA we work at 100dpi for boards (Disney 200dpi). Storyboard panel pixel dimensions for HD 1.78 are 960x700 with dialogue strip; 960x540 without dialogue strip. Panels for wide-screen movies, such as MegaMind however are 1024x600 with dial., 1024x436 without dial. Hope this answers your question:)

  10. it does indeed Toby - thanks very much!!! :-)


    Really... thanks for share...just WooOOOWWWW!!!

  12. awesome man!! What program are you guys using to board in?

  13. Hi Craig -

    Photoshop with Wacom Cintique. I'm still using CS2 -- maybe time for an upgrade?

  14. Hey, ok so impressive, just lines you need and we understand everything. So you work on photoshop for each frame?? I suppose you have made thumbnails before, am I right?
    In my studio, we are using storyboard pro (quite good to my point of view). Just to know, how old are U Toby?? wird question yeee but it's to reassure me 'cause I'm beguining in story_board! I put your link in my web site.
    Good job Toby!

  15. To Rémi CrosaSSo...

    Let's just say I've been doing this for a long time now. (Who knows, I might have a son your age.)

    I'm not familiar with Storyboard Pro so I can't comment on it.

    Yes, I do thumbnails, but just to get started. I usually don't thumb the entire scene. I like to use post-its when I do. Maybe someday I'll post some of my thumbnails.

    Thank you for linking to my site.

    Prenez ami de soins.

  16. Hi Toby! Remember me? Very fun and dramatic stuff!

  17. Toby.
    What a lovely post. Guess i never seen such a numerous sequence of story panels before.