Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Operation: Got Your 6" (with the penguins of Madagascar) Pt. 9

This is the home stretch. Notice I left the faces off of the 3 penguins at the top of this post. I probably told myself that I'd go back and add them later when I finished -- lie! I'm sure I was sprinting to the finish line at this point. 

Note, return of the candy corn brush.

This was an unusually long series of posts. Normally, I post sequences from movies which tend to be shorter. This however, was an entire script for a 5 minute short subject. As I said in the first post this does not represent the final version. After handing this off to the director changes and rewrites were made. I believe the director, Steve Hickner, executed many of the changes himself from this point.

Monday, February 8, 2016

"Operation: Got Your 6" (with the penguins of Madagascar) Pt. 8

In this section, Skipper peppers Kowalski with questions like a drill sergeant. Here I decided to have Skipper bend Kowalski back with each succeeding question until he was standing on his stomach. None of which was in the script.