Friday, July 15, 2016

Nick Goes Savage (Zootopia Outtakes)

In this version of the movie, Nick was the owner-proprietor of an underground night club exclusively for predators called "Wild Times". In this snippet from a larger sequence, Nick is in his office looking out at the club-goers below, unaware that a sinister White Wolf is sitting behind him in a dark corner. The wolf shoots Nick with a hypodermic dart that cause him to "go savage"and escapes. In the balance of the sequence a savage Nick threatens everyone in the night club and gets arrested. A classic frame-up.

For inspiration I watched Fredrick March's portrayal of Dr. Jekyll transforming into Hyde. The idea that the serums gradually takes effect was something new to the scene I wanted to explore.

I didn't bother cleaning it all up as I only pitched it once, before someone else took over the sequence and I moved on to the next thing.