Sunday, February 9, 2020

Monkeys of Mumbai (canceled movie) Demon Back Waxing Pt.1

While reading the latest draft of the script I remember thinking-- "I hope I don't get this back waxing scene!". Come time for the director, Kevin Lima, to issue scenes-- what do I get? Demon Back Waxing! I candidly told him I didn't think the scene was all that funny and that maybe someone else would do a better job with it. He told me that was exactly why he thought I would be perfect for it. 


I decided to trust his instincts and take the challenge. These were the results for what it's worth.

Ravana is getting his back waxed by two of his demon animal servants in preparation for his marriage ceremony. The script called for him to be lying face down on a massage table with holes for all of his 10 heads. Two different animals, a camel and a cat, would carry out the waxing procedure. The camel would spit the wax; and the cat would lick it off with it's rough tongue. I decided to change the cat to a frog with a long retractable tongue, since the licking motion didn't resemble the quick tearing motion of body waxing. I also decided to make the spitting animal a housefly since they spit on their food to predigest it and a fly just struck me as funny.

I remember creating a Photoshop brush for his back hair.  My demon back hair brush. Haha.

Next post-- Pt.2