Friday, May 6, 2011

Mickey's Misfire (2011)

It was brought to my attention that I left out the "firing the gun" pose from the sequence of sketches in my last post. So here it is -- along with the "aim" sketch that precedes it.

(I've added them to the last post as well, just to make it complete.)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mickey Get Your Gun (2011)

I've always had a soft spot for Mickey. One of the first projects I worked on at Disney was Mickey's Christmas Carol. The Brave Little Tailor and The Pointer are a couple of my favorites. I especially like when Mickey (voiced by Walt himself) gets mad at Pluto in The Pointer and calls him a "bone-head!". There's something genuine about that moment that makes me laugh.

Though he's since been reduced to a corporate trademark who baby-sits preschoolers for a living, I'm glad he once lived, long ago in the golden age of cartoons.

These were drawn digitally on a Wacom Cintique using Photoshop. (click to enlarge)