Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TURBO: Tomato Race (2012) Pt. 2 of 4

In this installment, the voluptuous, much-anticipated "Big Red" breaks free from the vine sending snails flying in all directions as she crashes to the ground.

Here I used a small moth flying through the scene to lead us up to the top of the vine where the trophy tomato is ripening in the warm sun. The moth flutters around a bit before resting gently on the it's surface when...

The idea here, was to setup the falling tomato action with a calm, tranquil beat, thereby creating tonal contrast. A certain amount of anticipation is also achieved with the flitting moth and the pastoral mood. It was well received in the pitch and got laughs, but for whatever reason the moth bit was cut. Perhaps it took too much time, or they didn't want to create a moth model -- I never asked.


  1. Super inspiring.
    And I'm constantly amazed by the appropriate use of photoshop magic. Now even with crazy fonts!

  2. These are so clean and tight and marvelous!
    Are these done at the start of the production?
    Do you even 'loosen up' (aka draw sloppier) later on or do you maintain this level throughout production?

    1. There is a rough stage to everything. You do what time allows. This scene was done later in the schedule when I had a better feel for the characters.

    2. Would it be possible to share a rough pass at some point? I would enjoy seeing your process even if its just a couple panels.

    3. Ah thanks for that, Toby.
      And yes, what Murray suggested would be nice.
      The veil lifted a tiny bit as it were...

  3. Hahahahahaha!!!! I love the anticipation and the timing!!! Brilliant! <3 Still don't know how to make such polished boards. It's like watching the movie itself. O__o