Saturday, July 13, 2013

TURBO: Tomato Race (2012) Pt. 1 of 4

It's been awhile since my last post, so I thought I'd use the release of Turbo as an occasion to break the ice, so to speak, and post some of my work from the movie.

This sequence is from Act I, which depicts Turbo's humble beginnings as a common, garden-variety snail, named Theo (voiced by Ryan Reynolds).  Like all snails of working-age, Theo takes a job at the"Tomato Plant". He has the unenviable task of receiving and organizing the rejected over-ripe tomatoes into rotting heaps. His older brother Chet (voiced by Paul Giamatti) also works at the plant, but has risen to a more prestigious middle management position.

In this scene, Chet uses their lunch break as an opportunity to give his disheartened baby brother a pep-talk about moving up the corporate ladder. They are interrupted by a loud crash when, the much-anticipated prize tomato, "Big Red" breaks free from the vine and crashes to the ground.

 be continued


  1. These are great! You capture the expressions perfectly, I didn't miss a beat. Nice work! I love your style.

  2. Lovely boards Toby, looking forward to the movie-but not released yet right?

  3. I absolutely love your blog, your work is amazing. But I really prefered the old settings, though. This new blogger template doesn't seem to allow the lightbox picture viewer which is such a great tool to browse storyboards.

    1. Thx for the feedback. I've turned off dynamic views to restore the lightbox functionality.

  4. Your Storyboards are all awesome!! Thank you for sharing, it's always so nice to come here (=

  5. thanks for sharing your wonderful work here. Really inspired me a lot.