Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Early Character Sketches (HTTYD) 2006

Far from the sleek, black Night Fury that appeared in the movie, these early sketches of Toothless depict a common, garden variety dragon of little consequence. Consequently, he was tossed from the picture.
This one feels a little chihuahua-like.
For a time we explored the idea of Hiccup's rival (Snotlout) being a girl viking.

I was thinking of Rosie O'Donnell while drawing this one.

Just a random dragon idea here.


  1. MAN, those are awesome. nice and loose, but so structured.


  2. Wow! So amazing stuff! I liked the eyes expression of Toothless, so alive!!!!

  3. Love the facial expressions and i kind of wish they would have went with the girl Viking. She is awesome!

  4. Woah, those are amazing! I just have to ask, do you ever go to conventions and do sketches on commission there? If so, definitely let people know! I'm not normally a con-goer, but I'd definitely make an exception if you were there.

  5. You have a great flow to your line with a mix of strong drafting and wonderful appeal.Your work Toby reminds me of the great Disney artist Ken Anderson. Good luck!