Monday, July 26, 2010

Random Story Sketches (Kung Fu Panda) 2003

At the time I drew these sketches I was working on 1/4 size panels(approx. 5"x3"). Working small with a medium Sharpie forced me to leave out unnecessary detail and saved time by decreasing line mileage. When I enlarged the panels for the pitch the bold lines and simple compositions read clearly from across the room.


  1. The business with Po and the snake looks like it was part of a charming scene-it wasn't in the film, was it? I think I need to watch it again.

    It's always a visceral pleasure to see 'traditional' boards-that is, with pencils and paper. It seems like a million years ago now.

  2. some really great personality coming across in such minimal sketches! love it. love working with just a sharpie too!

  3. these are beautiful. deceptively simple.


  4. So Awesome! I saw a Darkwing Duck shirt at Comic con and thought of you. You should make a book for next year.

  5. Beautiful work! Thanks for posting these. This is the kind of work that makes story artists drool.

  6. Yeah, these are amazing. I wish I could storyboard as loosely as that.

  7. Thank you so much for you blog, it's so helpful !

    The simplicity that you have in your panels is awesome. It's so clear, right to the point. Outstanding stuff for all story artists,as well as for aspiring ones.

  8. "read clearly from across the room"

    BINGO! That's what a good story sketch should be in my estimation.

    These are some of the most appealing, clearest story sketches I've seen in a long time. Inspirational and a reminder to keep it simple, keep it clear , make it read.

    Thank you for posting these (and the other work you are posting. I'm really enjoying looking at your blog) .