Monday, July 19, 2010

Rough Po Sketches (Kung Fu Panda) 2003

It's very gratifying to find out that your story sketches played a role in informing the design of the character. KFP director, John Stevenson said that it was my story sketches of Po that inspired him to undertake a re-design of the character. He asked me to take a couple of days to do some random poses and expressions for the designers. This is a sampling of those. Of course, it was the great Nico Marlet who did the final designs for the movie. Note: These were drawn with a medium Sharpie and toned with Prismacolor pencil. No digital drawing here.


  1. It's terrific to see these. The redesign made a huge difference. What a beautiful film Panda turned out to be.

  2. I. Simply. Love. These.

    Awesome drawings, so full of life !

  3. I hear that - manual sketching is where it's AT!

    (Heh, facially I like these much better than the final Po design) :D

  4. Amazing drawings Tony, you really captured so much personality in such simple drawings!

    (Im currently attending the Academy of Art University in the hopes of breaking into concept art/illustration. If at all possible, Id love to hear any advice you might have.)

  5. Thanks, Meg.

    Advice? Observe and sketch the people around you with a view toward gesture. Be quick, don't noodle or scratch. You're draftsmanship (i.e. the use of line to describe form) will improve as will your powers of observation.

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