Saturday, August 3, 2019

Ravana Rises!!! Pt.6 (2013)

In this last installment, the director praises Ravana's performance, although this time he wants to shoot the scene from the top with all the heads in it. He then turns to his female lead, Shandani condescendingly telling her not to question her characters motivation and to just concentrate on looking fabulous, kissing her on the hand. Seeing this provokes a jealous rage in Ravana who spews his wrath on the presumptuous director with the big hat.

End of sequence.


  1. Great panels as always. I'm curious, with frames like these are we typically seeing your first line down on the page or are these cleaned up from a rough pass? I get the impression these are straight ahead but that's probably because your lines/shapes are always so confident and fluid..

  2. This seems so interesting! I wish it wasn't cancelled, even just from these six parts of storyboards it seemed to have a lot of potential. Good story and good characters, nice details too (like the guy who was repeating the director's words taking the hat at the end, I loved that piece of characteristic move in the midst of a running crowd lol) not to mention the storyboards are very clear and well done! I wish the movie could still be made, I want to learn more about how the story would go :(