Monday, January 15, 2018

Way of the Ray (Sequence Intro)

No matter the culture, teenagers are full of angst. Here is no exception. Moana, has just run out from a tribal ceremony being held in her honor. She sheds the cumbersome ceremonial headdress and looks longingly out at the ocean. Feeling trapped by her father's expectations for her.

 Another board artist took it from here. The scene continues with Moana finding a manta ray trapped in the tide pools and helps it to escape back to the sea.


  1. The big is so cute! I want to be able to draw like you when I grow up (lol). I love the new name for your blog too. Really great art, inspiring too. Would you ever consider making a visit to our school?

  2. Ahhh! I'm a storyboard artist and I open up your blog most mornings for reference and inspiration- it's such a great amalgamation of information! Thank you so much for posting these as they are daily reminders of what I aspire to be, Mr.Shelton! Great great stuff as always :)