Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cave of the Wayfinders Pt.1/3 (Moana) 2015

There were many permutations of this scene from early on in the story process. Some with Moana finding the cave on her own; others with Grandma Tala leading her to it. In this version, Grandma Tala leads Moana to the cave and enters with her, taking her on a tour of the relics of their voyaging past . Ultimately, in the final version, Tala would only lead Moana to the cave opening and stay behind.

You'll notice in some of the panels that the canoe is a 3D model. The modeling department provided us with a low-res model that we could import and place into our boards using Photoshops 3D capabilities.

(This over-sized panel was lifted from a previous version done by Brian Kessinger. Editorial created a dramatic push-in with sliding overlays using Adobe After Effects.)

...to be continued.