Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TURBO: Turbo Perseveres (2011) Part 2 of 2

It's from this point that I managed to keep the camera close to the ground at Turbo's eye-level for that emotional connection. I tried to maintain his point-of-view throughout.


  1. man, the life in each sequence is really brought out by your loose and expressive lines. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh wow! you have the coolest job on earth!

  3. man, I love the quality of your line work - they have such life! How are you getting that great black marker/sharpy feel in photoshop?

  4. One more question if it's not a bother: what size and resolution are you making your drawings in shop?

    1. I use a simple hard brush with an elliptical tip tilted 45 degrees and shape dynamics turned on. Opacity and flow are 100%. (If your a regular Photoshop user you'll know what all that means.) As of late I am working at 200dpi in standard HD format unless the project is being made for wide screen.

    2. Hi Toby, yes, thank you - your instructions are excellent and much appreciated; mystery solved :)

      - John

    3. Toby, thank you for your answer. That's the question I was thinking about.

  5. Answering comments on Christmas Eve! That's class. : )

    Now-post again!

  6. Hello sir,
    I seems your storyboard sequence for turbo movie it's really nice work....
    I am Your Great fan ....
    I am Also Concept and Storyboard artist(Art director) for bigwig animation studio
    I am inspired your storyboard after i am like storyboard .....
    thank You sir...

  7. Toby,
    I remember a very talented ten year old when I moved to Aspen Elementary. I watched your talent grow through Hoover and Eldorado. I too was involved in art and just retired from teaching art in APS. I always wondered what happened to you and had heard that you had gone to work for Disney in Burbank. Your art is amazing. Kudos to you. I am now living in the Denver area and am a professional potter. I am now and have always been in awe of your gift.
    Teresa Carson
    Ps. I tried to post before but when I pushed Publish, it all disappeared. Wanted to make sure you got this so I did it again.