Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Park Ave. Woman Walking

I just finished teaching a course at The Concept Design Academy in Pasadena called Figure Invention for Animation. It was my first time teaching in a formal setting. The students were very gracious, as I fumbled around, trying to figure out how to reduce the whole process into bite-size parts. So much of what I do is the product of a long, quiet, internal journey of self-discovery, and as such, it's hard to formalize into a hard-boiled curriculum. However, I appreciated the chance to try, and perhaps will take it up again in the future. But for now, I have to put away my professor's hat, as I just don't have adequate time to devote to teaching right now. Thank you, Kevin Chen at CDA for the opportunity.

This is a sample sketch from a class assignment on the figure in motion. We were to study and draw different types of characters walking, running and skipping with appropriate attitude and personality.



  1. sir, this sketch is really really awesome i can feel the energy of each and every stroke here.I wish i could draw like this one day..Really this is perfection..that's all i can say.And we wld like to see more of it...your fans are waiting..

  2. Knew you'd post a wrap-up! It's so nice to see some of the class work/assignment drawings. You know what I think of this stuff and if I praise it I'll just bore you silly, so I'll only say-

  3. Hi,
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  4. I have to join the Concept Design Academy! Toby's line work leaves me in a KER-FLUFFLED state of mind!