Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pig Who Cried Werewolf (2010) Pt. 2

Helplessly watching as Dieter is attacked by a mysterious stranger in his house, Heimlich quickly turns his attention to Horst who is waiting outside munching noisily on an apple, oblivious to the commotion inside.


  1. Parabens cara! Perfeito! Muito bom mesmo!

  2. looking at your boards is one of the best part of my day. thanks :)

  3. Man, your work its really great. A tuge inspiration to me!

  4. There are no words. It is great!!! Fantastic works! Awesome!!!

  5. Man, this is great, can't wait to see the rest! I hear a lot of complaints about the new blogger picture viewer but for stoyboards it works just perfect!

  6. These are so awesome! I feel like I'm watching a full animation.

  7. amazing!!! Crazy stuff.. love the staging.. so dynamic!

  8. Toby, you astound me. The animation acting is so enjoyable, so on the money pose wise, while your camera sense puts just the right mood and tone in your sequence, whether drama, comedy..

    May I ask if you ever speak or lecture if time allows? My colleges' animation department has great teachers in every area but boards: although Mark Andrews does teach story theory and shot construction. I teach character design
    and host workshops on preproduction of shorts.

    If you ever do want to hold a workshop, I would love to get you up here to No. California to Cca.
    My name is Ed Bell, I'm from Wild Brain SF and Special Agent Studio. http://edbellart.wordpress.com

    Best Regards, Toby!

    Ed Bell